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We are one of the leading producers in South Florida of industrial strength sodium hypochlorite, using a cutting edge Powell continuous bleach plant with a titanium filter press.  Our plant generally produces at about half of its’ total capacity, ensuring that we can fill the orders that our customers need when the demand surges for summer holidays, like 4th of July. Sentry is equipped with a backup generator that can run the plant indefinitely off of diesel fuel to ensure a blackout won’t get in the way of our deliveries.  We also run an on-site laboratory to test our quality to make sure every drop of chlorine we sell is as good as it gets.

We own a fully automated filling line for filling our muriatic acid, pool acid, and bleach products into one gallon bottles. The equipment can make 24,000 gallons, fully packed and ready to ship, in a 7 hour shift.

Here at Sentry, we use quality raw materials and have a thorough process to make sure we consistently output great products for our customers.  We don’t view purchasing new equipment as a burden, we view it as an opportunity to routinely improve upon our methods of production and continue to expand in order to serve a larger part of the community.  We are here to ensure our customers stay happy.